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UE4 Sci Fi Scene

September 2019
FREE GAME DEMO: ( no installation required ).
Modular 3D level done with Unreal Engine 4. This personal project was a great learning experience for me.
It was very exiting to discover the incredible power of UE4 allowing me to achieve good results in short period of time, without extensive experience with UE4 and without programming experience.
In a little bit over a month I was able to not only model and texture pretty much everything in the level but also thanks to the user friendly and highly efficient tools in the UE4 to set up lighting, collisions, sounds, animated textures, animation blueprint set-up,particle effects, etc...
And surprisingly I was also able import and implement a very cool looking character with custom animations.
* In the project except my personal work I've used free Epic Games content - rocks, vegetation and character set.

The Art Test :) - Game Trailer

Inside Unreal Engine 4